Welcome To Unity


Welcome Home

Every Sunday at 11:00am

Again and again we hear people say, "I think I've found my spiritual home".  Maybe they feel the warmth and the love that is here.  Maybe it's because Unity teaches universal truths rather than religious doctrine.  Maybe it's because we combine mental science with the heart of Christian mysicism.  The Truth we teach is not new.  It is universal and eternal, meaning the same for everyone.  People often ask us, "Are you Christian?"  I like to say, "We are Christian and more in that we welcome friends from all philosophies and we honor all paths that lead to God".     

We offer a safe environment for freedom of exploration.  We are seekers and explorers of Truth in all things. In Unity, we believe God is absolute good ... and because we all exist within and as part of this divine energy, each of us is also inherently good.

The Unity movement is open and welcoming of all individuals regardless of race, color, gender, age, creed, religion, national origin, ethnicity, physical disability or sexual orientation. We invite you to read our formal (yet ever-evolving) statement of diversity and inclusion.