We make giving easy!

  1. Please notice the donate button on every page.  Your contribution comes right thru our Realm account and then into our checking account absolutely free and no hidden charges. You can choose which fund you want to contribute to. If you have a Realm account you can even set up the frequency.  If you don't have a Realm account email Rev. David at unitycookeville@gmail.com and he will send you an invitation to open up an account.
  2. When you are here at the church we have a credit card machine in the bookstore for your convenience for purchases or donations
  3. You can even Text us a donation thru Realm by texting to 73256 and in the message section type UnityChurch then simply press send.  A return message will connect you to our link where you can donate as much as you like.

  We make it just as easy to donate your time.  Go to the "social action page" and submit a form telling us which area you would like to volunteer or see Rev. Ann Marie for some special projects.


Thank you so very much!!!