Pilates Classes

8:30, Level 1/2
9:30 foundation/fundamentals
5:30 level 1

8:30 level 1/2
9:30 foundation/fundamentals

Preregistration required
Please contact Emily Shepherd at 817/366-1906 or her email at



Emily Sheppard,  Cookeville Classical Pilates, located in the Joy Room at Unity Church of the Cumberlands

Cookeville Classical Pilates Lead Instructor, Emily Sheppard is:

  • Peak Pilates®  Comprehensively Certified  under Sonje Mayo

  • Classical Syllabus® Beginner to Advanced under MeJo Wiggin (A Leading practitioner in the world of the Pilates Classical Method)

  • Authentic Pilates Union Co-Chair for Membership and Benefits

  • Fusion Pre and Post Natal Certification® under Cedar Sinai approved program with Jennifer Gianiani

  • Extensive workshops with leaders in Pilates education including:

    • Mari Winsor- Emily has been given Mari’s blessing to teach her Pilates chair class focusing on aging populations and neurological/neuromuscular diagnosis

    • Mariska Breland- leader in Pilates for MS

    • Ruth Alpert- leader in Alexander Technique

  • Gokhale Method Foundations Course  with Esther Gokhale

  • ALS advocate in support of Mari Winsor

  • Extensive continuing education workshops under Sonje Mayo

  • Visiting instructor at Fort Worth Classical Pilates and assistant to proprietor, Laura West Strawser during the Classical Spring Conference 2017 and  Classical Fall Conference 2015

Emily has been practicing Pilates since 2004.  In 2012 she decided to take a certification course in the hopes of being able to “just teach a mat class on a Saturday morning”.  Much to her great fortune, a course in Classical Pilates under the Internationally acclaimed Master Instructor, Sonje Mayo who learned from Joseph Pilates was being offered in Nashville.  Little did she know she was about to embark on her life changing adventure.  Emily began her training with her Master Instructor, and as she began to teach she realized her passion was in teaching Pilates and promptly transitioned into teaching Pilates full time.  

Emily is honored to carry on the Classical Method yet has been open to and has taken many courses under contemporary styles of Pilates.  Emily has well over a 1000 hours of education and vigilantly travels weekly from Cookeville, Tennessee to Nashville, Tennessee to train under Sonje.

Emily resides in Cookeville, Tennessee raising two children and her rescue dog, Bones.  Emily is also the secretary and a Chaplain at Unity Church of the Cumberlands.  She obtained an Honor Graduate Degree from Texas Christian University and is also a United States Coast Guard Captain. She loves camping, hiking, kayaking, is passionate about life and has an attitude of gratitude.

Emily has this to say about Pilates, “Pilates is my absolute passion.  When you work with me, my love and faith in Pilates is evident-my excitement overflows to my clients.  Pilates is for everyone.  In my own body it has facilitated my recovery from extensive knee surgery and provides relief for me daily from my scoliosis.  Pilates is for life- it is not just for a gym or an hour a few times a week- it changes how you move in your everyday life.  It is the gift of strength and flexibility.  I feel honored to carry on the genius of the work of Mr. Joseph H. Pilates.”