Unity is best known for its warm friendly people and its positive message.  The love that is here is felt as soon as you enter the door.  It is often said that "Unity leaves no one out."  That is because we welcome we welcome friends of all races, colors, creeds and sexual preferences.  We welcome people of all faiths and philosophies.   We know that all true spiritual paths lead to an awakened consciousness of the Divine Presence, by whatever name you call that Presence.  Our intention is to create an environment of love and acceptance that supports each one on their spiritual journey.    This environment offers a freedom of exploration leading to the full expression of the Divine Power within you.    

We are a Positive Path for Spiritual Living and practice Universal Truth Principles that help us to demonstrate the power to co-create good in our lives.  Jesus taught us that the truth will set you free."  These principles help us to break free from doubts, fears and limitations.  In that spirit of faith, we support and inspire each other to achieve the Christ Consciousness.  


Each of us is created with sacred worth. No one exists outside the heart of God.  In Unity, we believe God is absolute good. And because all people exist within and as part of this divine energy, each of us is also inherently good.


The Unity movement is open and welcoming of all individuals regardless of race, color, gender, age, creed, religion, national origin, ethnicity, physical disability or sexual orientation. We invite you to read our formal (yet ever-evolving) statement of diversity and inclusion.  

We hope that you will visit us in person, an experience how it feels in our wonderful atmosphere of all-inclusive acceptance.  Our Sunday Service is at 11:00 am.  

LGBTQ in Ministries

Unity has a long history of performing commitment ceremonies and supporting marriage equality.

Prayer is the foundation of Unity so we have a dedicated prayer team that prays with each prayer request.  You can also access Silent Unity's 24 hour prayer ministry, located in Unity Village, near Kansas City, Missouri.  The number for the Silent Unity Prayer line is 1-800-669-7729. 

Unity is also known for The Daily Word, Unity's daily inspirational reading guide.